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Groups can learn about where their food comes from and gain team-builing experience all on the farm! 

Interested in a field trip on the farm? Click below to submit an inquiry and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!


See activity pricing below 


Further questions can be directed to Donica Moir HERE




Full Maze

1 Hour to Complete


Half Maze

1/2 Hour to Complete


Pedal Go-Carts



Slide Moutain

Two Turns


Jumping Pillow

Great Fun For All Ages


Hay Jump

Great Fun For All Ages


ATV Mini Rollercoaster/Train

Popular with Field Trips


Pumpkin Patch

Additional pumpkins can be purchased by the pound


Concession Stand

Pop, candy, water, etc. Unfortunately we do not offer lunch items (i.e. hot dogs) during field trips


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